“Great piano lessons. My teacher is terrific. I started lessons as an adult beginner 2 years ago. He’s very patient with me, and lessons are stress free and fun. My teacher is very professional and skilled at matching each lessons to where I am with my progress. Learning piano has been a joy. I am progressing much faster than expected, and am already playing Enya, Beethoven, Billy Joel, all sorts of great music. There are so many things to learn. I recently started to learn to play by ear, and am doing some blues improvisation. What fun. I was 49 when I started lessons and had been considering it for over 25 years! I am so glad I started when I did instead of waiting and putting it off.”
– Martha Bend‎

“Fun piano lessons, inspiring. Teacher really patient. Extremely happy For about two years, my daughter and I have taken piano and keyboard lessons here. We interviewed several teachers here in Portland, and found the best teacher for us. He works really well with both of us. Our teacher has a great sense of humor, and makes me relaxed about playing. He takes the time to explain things well. He is very encouraging to us.

I am gaining confidence and enjoy playing all sorts of music. I am now working on playing by ear, and learning blues improvisation. My 11 year old daughter gets fun music that she loves to play. She also gets to write her own songs. She is working on her first CD and is so excited about it. Is that cool or what? The studio is a relaxed place and comfortable for learning. I am so thrilled with the lessons.” – T. Torres‎

“Perfect piano lessons. Wonderful, fun teacher. Great music. These are the perfect piano lessons for me, interesting and inspiring. I am learning lots of great music. Before I started lessons I met several teachers. Most of them were so serious and structured in a way that would make lessons dry and boring. This is the guy I picked. I really like working with him. He’s so patient with me, has a great sense of humor, and takes time to explain things to me. No question is ever too dumb to ask. I feel totally comfortable.

Have been doing lessons now for about 3 years. We work on some fun stuff, classical & modern music, blues improvisation, chords, melodies and more. He is makes it all come together. I always wanted to play piano, and I am so happy I started when I did. The music is challenging at times, but my teacher is always encouraging and I am pleased with my progress. I played for some friends the other day, and they were so impressed, especially my blues improvisation which amazed them.” – Sam Robbins‎

“Kids really like piano. Super teacher. Very skilled working with kids. My two daughters really like playing piano. They are intrigued and fascinated about all the various things you can do with music. I love how the lessons function as a confidence booster for my kids. What a treat for me to to see them so excited about their accomplishments. I like that they work at getting better for themselves, and there is no competition. They have become more decisive and responsible since starting lessons. In addition to learning to read music, they like to do recording projects. They record the pieces that they have been learning and sometimes sing along and record that too.

My older daughter has just completed making video at the studio which she is very proud of. The lessons are great fun and my girls and I make an outing of going to lessons and then having a snack. Their teacher is so skilled working with kids. He is so patient, gets great results, and my kids are quickly mastering the skills that I thought would take much more time. He makes learning to play piano easy and fun. My kids had wanted to do lessons for a couple years. I am so glad that we started when we did. They will now have this enjoyable skill in their lives.”
– J. Pastore‎

“Great choice for piano teacher in Portland. Love the lessons. My daughter is taking piano lessons here. Her teacher is really patient and encourages her a lot. It makes such a difference in how excited she is about doing lessons. She loves to play the keyboard at home. She played for her grandparents this week, and they were just thrilled. Besides learning to read music, she is learning to play by ear, compose her own songs, and enjoys finding out about composers, and the world of piano music. She gets to play music from around the world. Brazil, Africa, Canada, Poland, France. I like that she is about the world too. It’s a complete music education, that goes beyond just piano lessons.” – tanblue‎

“My two kids love taking keyboard lessons. Their progress is rapid. ‎They really have taken to it, and have put a lot of energy into learning (wish they would do that with their homework at school. They have been taking lessons her for about 2 1/2 years. My son is 8 and my daughter 10. They have been studying popular, classical, folk music, new age, blues and lots more too. To help with learning rhythms, they get to play drums. Also, they record their own music and make videos.

Tommy is now playing a great arrangement of ‘Lion Sleeps Tonight’ and he is so into it! Their teacher is an accomplished composer and my kids get to do recording studio projects, just like the pro’s do. This helps them see the overall picture of how music can be such an important part of their lives. I often notice how a lot of parents want to start their kids on piano lessons, and just don’t get around to it. I’m really pleased that music will be a special skill that they will always have, and I’m glad that we finally started lessons.” – Sonja Nevins

“Great teacher for my kids. They love the piano. So much fun for them. 
My two kids are taking piano lessons here. They really love the lessons and have fun learning all kinds of music. That is what interested us to this teacher. He not only teaches how to read, classical, pop, jazz, folk, but also works on playing by ear, blues improvisation, composing, songwriting accompanying voice. My children get to do a variety of things. They are enthusiastic, and inspired. I can’t be more happy with our choice of teachers.” – worldnet‎

“Our son is doing great. Loves his piano lessons. Our son started lessons less than two years ago. He hit it off right away with his teacher. He is doing terrific and he’s progressing well. He loves going to lessons here. His progress is very good. They work on lots of fun songs, Star Wars, Lion King, Ode To Joy, Pink Panther, Minuet, and more. He likes to play classical and popular pieces. He absolutely loves recording music. He and his teacher compose original music. He then gets to make a recording. Soon he will have enough songs to complete a CD. Obviously, he is really excited about it.

When we decided to do lessons, we interviewed 3 Portland teachers. By far, this teacher had the best understanding of our child and what he needed. He has lots of experience working with kids and makes each lesson an adventure in learning. Our son’s teacher is very cool. He gives him the time and space to progress at his own comfortable rate. He makes the lessons fascinating and lots of fun. We are so happy with our choice of teachers.” – Hal Burns‎

“My son doing great with this teacher. Loves playing his piano music. ‎We looked around for a teacher that we thought would make a good match with our son. He has been doing piano lessons here now for over a year. His teacher makes the lessons interesting and fun. He’s so patient. My son can be a bit difficult at times, but his teacher isn’t even dented by it. He has a unique way of teaching and getting his students to succeed.

I see my son progress weekly. I’m very impressed. He is learning to read music and also to write his own songs. He gets to record them and add all kinds of other instruments. His recording sound great, and it is nice to see him so proud of what he has done. My son is even showing me some things on piano so that we can play duets. Maybe I’ll start lessons too. Now that my son is doing it, it would be a good time for me to start too.” – S. J. Collins

“My kids are having so much fun taking piano. It’s their favorite thing. 
Both my children are taking piano lessons here. Their teacher makes the lessons fun. They are learning to read music, play by ear, and record songs that they compose themselves. Their teacher does a great job of making the lessons interesting and fun. They like piano even more than sports, and that’s a bit deal.‎”
– Jane K.

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