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“Best piano teacher in Portland. Our daughter loves the lessons. Very pleased.‎ My daughter has really developed a true love for piano, since starting lessons here. I’ve seen her pride and confidence in her playing blossom. The lessons are so creative and fun. I see dramatic improvements in her playing, in a short time. She just loves working on her pieces, and especially likes composing music and making recordings.

She just completed her first CD, and she is so excited. We played it in the car all the way home. Her teacher is the best in Portland. His teaching style has worked wonders for my daughter. He’s very skilled at working with kids. His patience is exemplary and he gets terrific results. We had tried two other teachers with a mediocre experiences. Each week, he gently encourages and challenges her. He is also a composer and writes wonderful music that Sarah loves to play. I am completely happy with lessons, and never want to switch teachers again.”  – Paula B‎‎.

“My son is doing great with this teacher. He loves the lessons and playing piano. My 12 year old son has been doing lessons here for about 2 years. He is doing very well. He started off as a beginner, and has accomplished a lot. He not only reads music nicely, but is learning to play by ear and also is learning blues improvisation. He really enjoys making music with his friends, and has started a three piece band.

His teacher is good at encouraging his creativity. He also helps him understand the concept of discipline and practice, and we have seen a noticeable improvement in his school work as well. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of a piano teacher.”‎ – G. Costner

“Excited to find this teacher. Skilled, supportive, creative. Great fun. As an adult beginning piano student I was so excited to find this teacher. I had been thinking about starting lessons for a very long time, so I am really glad I started when I did. My experience taking piano lessons has been great. My sight reading is going well, and I am learning all kinds of music, classical, popular, new age, and blues.

I had tried another teacher, but he was too stiff and regimented. Here I am so relaxed, I feel free to try new things and get marvelous support. I really appreciate how patient he is. This piano teacher is very skilled, supportive, and creative. I completely recommend this teacher.‎”
– A. Pearson

“My daughter is having so much fun with piano lessons. Her progress is great. Her new teacher is terrific. He really knows how to work with kids and get them inspired. She plays lots of fun music of all kinds, plays duets, and is learning music history also. I don’t even have to ask her to practice at home! She’s very enthusiastic about playing piano.

Her teacher’s goal is to create the best music experience for each student. We like his attitude and ideas about teaching piano. Our daughter is usually quite shy, but with piano, she likes sharing music with our family. She even played at school recently at a talent show. The lessons are enjoyable and fun. She feels good about her accomplishments. We found a teacher that really cares about his student’s success.‎”  – K. Stevens

“Our piano teacher is accomplished, experienced and patient. Really fun lessons for kids. He’s very patient. The lessons are great fun. My two children have been doing lessons here for over a year. They enjoy the lessons and are motivated to learn by their teacher. In addition to playing all kinds of music, they also work on composing music and the theory of chords and melodies.

With lots of encouragement they have done so well. I am so proud of them. They are learning to work hard to get where they want, and this is an important lesson in life. Their teacher is very skilled at working with kids and moving them forward in music. We considered a number of potential teachers, and we made a very wise decision. This teacher had the experience, communication skills, and a terrific curriculum. We are really satisfied with the lessons here in Portland.‎” – Ben Amins

“My 9 year old daughter is making fast progress. Her teacher is talented, fun and hip. He works really well with kids. Our daughter gets to play lots of great music. She enjoys the classical and blues pieces. Also learning to play by ear. Her favorite thing is to make soundtracks at the studio. She just finished making her first CD, and wow is she excited.

Happy kid, totally successful piano lessons. We had tried another teacher, but just cause someone can play piano doesn’t mean they are a good teacher. Here we found just what we wanted, a really skilled teacher for my child. Having a patient and supportive teacher is so important. Each lesson is a fun adventure. My daughter is inspired about music. Going to lessons is also a nice family outing for us. Really pleased with our piano teacher.”‎
– J. Smithton

“Our teacher is so patient, and gives our daughter lots of fun music to play. 
She always leaves here lessons full of excitement from getting a new piece, or accomplishing something new. Learning keyboard is a great experience for her.‎ I am so happy with her teacher. He is very good at encouraging his students and they really respond to that. My daughter has only been doing lessons for only 9 months, but I am so impressed with her progress. She plays lots of fun music, classical, pop, and fun kid’s music. She is now working on a duet.

Having a child that is enthusiastic about playing keyboard was my wish. She loves it even more than sports! My daughter is usually a bit shy, but piano lessons have given her a new way to express herself, and she has strong sense of accomplishment and pride. She works hard, and gets plenty of praise. She did a little performance for Grandpa last week; it was so sweet. I’m glad we have the perfect teacher for our child.”‎ – Michelle Winters

“My daughter and I both take piano lessons here. Our teacher is so patient. He encourages our success, and makes the lessons a relaxed, comfortable experience. That is exactly what I was looking for. I started as a complete beginner, and now enjoy playing modern music, Enya, Beetles, James Taylor, and some simple Bach. I get to pick music that I love. My daughter, who is 11, is learning songs like Kumbaya, Camptown Races, Lion Sleeps Tonight, and some new music as well. She also likes making up her own songs and gets to record these all sorts of wonderful instruments. She recently made a CD, and was completely thrilled with it.

Her teacher believes in giving kids piano projects, so they can see exactly what they can accomplish with their new music skills. I think this is key. She (and I) both have a totally new perspective on music and what can be done with it. I am even going to get together with friends next week to play some music. I never imagined that there are so many wonderful things to learn on piano.” – Dorothy K.

“My 9 year old daughter really enjoys keyboard lessons here. ‎Mary is learning to read classical, pop, blues, and folk music. Also she gets to learn to play by ear and compose and record music. She just finished making a CD with a song that she and her teacher composed. It sounds great! The best part is how enthusiastic she is about playing piano. It’s wonderful seeing her so excited about something. She really loves playing the piano and finds it rewarding.

Finding the right teacher was so important to us. We are very happy with her teacher. He is always encouraging with his students. He challenges them, but always makes it fun. I am pleased with her progress. I get to talk with some of the other parents in the waiting room, and they also great things to say about our teacher.‎” – Kris Triston

Norm Zarr
Piano Lessons & Keyboard Lessons
Portland, Oregon

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