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There’s a lot of great things to do at the studio. Developing musicianship can be achieved in a number of ways. Students can learn to play a variety of pieces; popular, new age, classical, blues, jazz, folk, improvising blues & jazz. Learning about chords and melodies and being able to play by ear add to one’s skills. Doing blues improvisation and theory gives students a view of the larger scope of what’s possible on the piano.

Students also enjoy playing duets and jamming. It’s a wonderful way to practice staying in rhythm and just plain fun making music together. Composing and arranging music will let you enter the world of the songwriter.

Recording videos of students playing piano and keyboards is a great way to reinforce the learning process and achieve satisfaction in one’s efforts. A video can be an excellent way for a student to see where they are in comparison it to where they want to go. Perhaps a video is shared with family and friends near or far away.

Another fun project, is to create or find a stop animation video, and then write some music for it. It can be piano music, or an even larger multi-instrument composition recorded on the computer. Creating projects and giving them life is a fun way to enjoy your new skills.

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